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Our Promises

5Kentco Paintco’s first consideration is serving its clients. We view your project as unique and dedicate ourselves to delivering first – class quality and service in every aspect of your job. When you choose Kentco Paintco, you choose quality and service. Kentco Paintco is driven to provide a quality exterior and interior paint experience.

Kentco Paintco will beautify your home and property, protect your assets, maintain or raise the esthetic standards and expectations of your neighborhood, add value to your property, and make you smile and feel great about the appearance of your castle – inside and out. Also, with the premium attention and expertise we exhibit, you may see energy savings due to the overall quality performance you will receive from the preparation to the final result.

Kentco Paintco uses products that deliver our trademark result – quality. We use the best products for your specific projects, products that are environmentally safe, products of which the latest technology is known, and products that are readily available to Kentco Paintco.

Kentco Paintco performs a professional, satisfying and valuable service. A quality performance from Kentco Paintco means you receive services that will prolong paint longevity, improve the over-all appearance of the affected areas, create attractive and complementary look to the finished area, and maximize the value of the job.

Daily communication with the client is business-as-usual with Kentco Paintco. The client is encouraged to contribute information that builds trust, facilitates quality results, and lasting satisfaction.

Kentco Paintco projects begin and end on time. This is a challenge at times for us because we have been blessed with a full schedule of people seeking out expertise and a premium painting performance. But we always have time for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us. You deserve the satisfying results we deliver.

Kentco Paintco can be trusted to complete your project when you are present or not, trusted to leave your home or office each work day looking better than when we started, trusted to make decisions that result in the best-possible outcome in each phase of our work, trusted to give full attention to an expedient conclusion to your project, and trusted to give you the same quality you will expect from us for your next project.

Kentco Paintco clients settle for nothing less than a thorough, quality job. That’s the only way we’ll do it. Kentco Paintco considers it a privilege to deliver the quality and service they expect.

Here’s what a Kentco Paintco project will reap; quality, longevity, attraction, appearance, teamwork from both parties, and your complete satisfaction.

4Why is Kentco Paintco overflowing in confidence to deliver to you a quality service? Because we do it every time for every customer. Find our for yourself.

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